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We  Provide  "Good Quality"  Up-Right  Piano  Hire.     

Regrettably  - We do not supply hire for 

one day or weekend functions.



From R390.00  per month, you can hire a beautiful  upright piano

stool to place in your home.

Our high quality pianos hold their tune...Starting

at R390.00 pm.

Available Pianos From 390.00 pm : Have a look at our

Gallery link above.  


No 07 Otto Bach Piano & Stool       Retro       N/A 

No 49 Young Chang Piano & Stool  Modern   R440.00 pm

No 38 Young Chang Piano & Stool  Modern   R440.00 pm

No 13 Rippen Piano & Stool            Retro       R390.00 pm




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We supply to Johannesburg & Pretoria and surrounding towns.

Are you or your children learning to play the piano?

Are you in need of a good quality piano hire for an unknown period?


  • All our pianos have "tight pins" ensuring the piano maintains its tune.
  • A range of good quality and well maintained piano's to choose from.
  • Competitively priced hiring fees.
  • Transport organized for you.
  • Hire for as long or short as you like (no contracts to be signed)
  • Beautiful wood finishes and most importantly, tight pins, which means the piano will keep its tune long term provided the piano is placed on an inside wall. Meaning, the other side of the wall being another room, rather than the outside of your house.
  • No Contract to sign.
  • Please kindly give a calendar month of notice when returning the piano & stool. 
  • A calendar month of notice, would be the following (01 Month to 30 Month)


About Piano Lessons


  • Piano lessons are available for both adults and children. 
  • Unique teaching method, focusing on the fun aspects of playing the piano without omitting the basic theory and foundation needed to be able to read and understand music. 
  • Teaching adult beginners and children, in the shortest time possible.
  • Play your first piece in a month to six weeks.